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Watoto-logoWe were so impacted by the Watoto Restore Tour - Child Soldier No More, bracken fields multimedia personnel are going to work voluntarily with Watoto at their Project Gulu in Northern Uganda. We want to do our bit in impacting a Life and Restore a Community.

The war in Northern Uganda is over, but the effects of war are recurring in the region of Gulu, Northern Uganda and it’s surrounds.

The greatest victims of the conflict in Africa are the children. They are innocent victims of the tragic loss they suffer and of the brutal atrocities they are forced to commit.

Everyday, tens of thousands of African children wake up uncertain about their future. They've been robbed of life's most fundamental endowments: family, friends, education and a safe community where life can be enjoyed and dreams for the future can be nurtured.

We want to help do something about it.

Watoto’s Project Gulu focuses on seven key areas to restore what has been lost.

Further details on these initiatives and what Watoto are doing here can be found by following this link.

The Watoto Logo is copyright Watoto and used with permission.

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